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One stop solution for all your 
international education needs
and quality overseas education
One stop solution for all your 
international education needs
and quality overseas education

Welcome to Guidance for Graduates !

Dear Students and Parents,

In today’s era of pushing the boundaries both personally and professionally, we stand tall and strong in bridging the gap between students and their dream universities. We here at Guidance for Graduates are a one-stop destination for educational consulting abroad.

If you have reached this page, we believe deep down you are hungry for knowledge and guidance to get into your dream Universities and have a lucrative career ahead. With experienced consultants at Guidance for Graduates, we are committed to making your careers rather than getting you the admission in some college that nobody is aware of. Many students and parents ask us about the countries that we are dealing with. In fact, we don’t believe working only for particular countries, instead of that, we target working on getting admission at the top Universities and best Universities deserved by the students.

Here at Guidance for Graduates we don’t sell your an ‘American Dream’ or for that matter any country-specific dream! What we sell is our experience and knowledge of more than 10 years of consulting of what it takes to get into a top University. Our motto is redefining the educational consulting eco-system where any student sitting in any part of the world has access to the right guidance and motivation at the right time in order to get into their dream University.

Yes. we are just a click away. We wish you all the Best. Welcome to Guidance for Graduates.

Divya Vangari
(Founder and CEO of Guidance for Graduates)


Our Services

Pre-Admission Guidance

Masters and PhD Aspirants: The students can register with us when they are in 2nd and 3rd year of their under-graduation. We will guide them to improve their CV and profile.

Student Profile Evaluation

Our experienced consultants personally evaluate the profile of individual student after several personal meetings with students and their parents.

Universities Selection

Based on student profile, we make the first selection of Universities and send it to students. After several iterations, the final list of Universities will be made.

Application Process

Making a good application is a very important step in the admission process. A good CV, personal letter and attaching all the required documents very crucial. Our experts will help.

Scholarship Applications

We know how important scholarships are for students from developing countries. We help students with information & making the applications to relevant scholarships.

Visa Guidance

We also provide guidance to make a successful visa application and help the students on how to face the visa interview? We make mock interviews and prepare the students




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