GfG Services

1. Pre-Admission Guidance

For masters and PhD Aspirants: The students can register with us when they are in 2nd and 3rd year of their under-graduation. We will guide them to improve their CV and profile, educate them on admission requirements, guide the tests to take (like TOEFL/IELTS, GRE/GMAT), and make it competitive to get admission into top Universities with scholarships.

For Bachelor Aspirants:Students (Parents must accompany them) can contact during their first year of higher secondary school. We will educate them on the admission requirements and admission process, help them write a good personal letter, guide them on the required tests (SAT,TOEFL/IELTS,etc).

2. Student Profile Evaluation

Our experienced consultants personally evaluate the profile of individual student after several personal meetings with students and their parents.

3. Universities selection based on the profile and interest

Based on student profile, we make the first selection of Universities and send it to students. After several iterations, the final list of Universities will be made.

4. Application Process

Making a good application is a very important step in the admission process. A good CV, personal letter and attaching all the required documents very crucial. Our experts will help in the application process for each program. We do through review the required documents for each application we make.We take special care in making the personal letter and CV and ensure making a successful application.

5. Scholarship suggestions and Application

We always know how important scholarships are for students from developing countries. We help the students with information and making the applications to relevant scholarships.

6. Post Admission Process

Students and Parents normally have many queries once they get the admission offer. They normally ask, is it a good University? They have questions like. Can I get a job after completing my studies there? What about living expenses? How to find accommodation there? Do you know any students from that University? Am I allowed to do a part-time job during my studies? Can I get a part-time job? Is it a safe country?We will make a special appointment to students and their parents with our CEO to answer their queries guiding them next steps.

7. Visa Application and Guidance

We also provide guidance to make a successful visa application and help the students on how to face the visa interview? We make mock interviews and prepare the students well before the actual interview. We also help students making the health insurance required for visa purpose.

8. Flight Ticket Booking

We also help to book the flight tickets, if required.

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