1. How can we make a difference in planning your child’s education abroad?


Every individual is different and so is their area of the interest. Our team of expertsguide you to secure an admission in the university which suits the best to your interest and previousacademic grades.We provide with personalized guidance through each step of the application procedure, unlike traditional consultants who send your admission applications blindly to a fixed set of universities.



  1. What is the right time to contactGuidance for Graduates for education abroad?

We would like to make the career for our students, not just admission into ‘xyz’ college and grab money from them for that. It requires quite a bit of time to understand student’s needs, parent’s vision, making a right selection of Universities, preparation of required documents like CV, SOP, getting English language proficiency proofs, and preparing & educating the student’s for admission. As per our experience, we recommend the students to contact us at least 18 months before their dream study program commences. If they contact, 2 years before the admission, then we can guide them and ensure that their CV and personal letter are strong enough to get into their dream University. Few students contact us just 3 to 5 months before the program begins. In that case, it is more challenging to get admission into your dream University.


  1. What is Guidance for Graduates’ success rate?


Our success rate of getting admission is 100 % so far. Most of our registered students have got admission into 3 to 4 universities and they selected the best one out of it. We do consider the student profile and suggest the list of Universities after proper evaluation based on our experience.

  1. How do your previous academic grades matter?

Academic grades are one of the important factors for getting admission. However, grades are not only the deciding factor. There are several other parameters which increase the success rate. For example, having a good CV with internships, mini-projects, conference/tech-fest participation, one or two publications, and a good personal letter would increase the chances of admission into top Universities with a possibility of a scholarship. Our experienced team will help you choose the right university and help you in making a good personal letter and CV.

  1. Is it possible to availGuidance for Graduates consulting services online?

Yes. You can avail our services online if you can’t come to our office at Hyderabad in person. Most of the admission process doesn’t require physical meetings. We encourage skype meetings with registered students. We do accept student applications from anywhere in the country.


We are educating many aspiring students through our YouTube channel and we are very glad to listen to their success stories on how Guidance for Graduates has played a major role in getting into their dream University. We have been receiving emails from the consultants across from different countries sharing their feedback on How did they improve their knowledge from Guidance for Graduates YouTube channel. We have subscribers from more than 50 countries.


  1. Do we offer visa guidance after securing an admission aboard?

Yes. We do offer visa guidance and make the visa applications after the student secures the admission.


  1. Where is Guidance for Graduates office located?

We are located at Plot no 161, HMT Officers Colony, Alwal, Secunderabad-500 010, Telangana. You can contact us by phone (+91 9121903461) or by email: guidanceforgraduates@gmail.com info@guidanceforgraduates.com


We do accept the applications of students who can’t visit our office in person. We work remotely and have skype meetings with students.


  1. Which countries are you dealing with?


We work on the admissions at top Universities, medium tier Universities in different countries. Our major focus is on Europe, Canada, US, UK, and Australia. We do provide the admission consultancy based on the student/parent interest and priority irrespective of the country.


  1. Are GRE/GMAT scores are mandatory for admission?

The answer depends on the country/University/programs you are applying to. There are many countries/universities/programs where GRE/GMAT are not mandatory. Consult us for more details.


  1. Do I need to prove my English language proficiency for Master/Bachelors admission?

Yes. This can be done through different internationally accepted English Language Proficiency Tests (like TOEFL/ IELTS/PTE etc). Consult us for other possible options.


  1. What are the study programs that Guidance for Graduates provide consultancy?

We provide complete admission consultancy to both Bachelor and Master programs.


We can provide guidance to PhD and Postdoc positions, however, we also deal with admission process depending on the student need. We provide services like reviewing CV, preparing Motivation Letter/SOP and Research Proposal, and review of other documents.


  1. What are the services that Guidance for Graduates offer?

We provide complete admission service starting from individual profile evaluation to post-admission guidance. Our services are listed below.


  1. Student Profile Evaluation
  2. Universities selection based on the profile and interest
  3. Application Process
  4. Scholarship suggestions and Application
  5. Post Admission Process
  6. Visa Application and Guidance
  7. Flight Ticket Booking


  1. Do we only deal with Master Program’s admission?


No. We deal with the complete admission process for both Bachelor and Master Programs and complete guidance for PhD and Postdoc positions.


  1. Can we also help to apply for scholarships?

Yes. We try all the possibilities and apply for the available scholarships.

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